Driveway paving

As experienced Scarborough based paving specialists we will install your driveway to the highest possible standard enhancing the appearance of your property and adding to it's value.


Driveway surfaces available

We will assist you in choosing the right driveway for you and talk you through the installation process and answer any questions you may have

• Block paved driveway
• Cobble type paving
• Concrete driveway
• Gravel driveway

Pavedrive paviors paving available

Trident paviors (cobble type) paving available




• First step for our team is to excavate the area to be paved allowing enough depth to ensure the finished paved level to be at least 150mm below the damp proof course.
• Excavated area is then to be compacted using the plate compactor.
• Establish correct levels for drainage purposes
• If in the case of extremely flat ground then drainage channels, gullies or soakaways may be installed.
• Once any drainage issues are resolved the edgings will be installed, we do this by using a concrete bed and once levelled the edgings are then haunched.
• Once the edgings are in place and now acting as a restraint, the sub base material (type 1) is then laid at a minimum depth of 150mm and compacted using a plate compactor to ensure no voids are present.
• Next a layer of sharp sand is spread at a depth of 65mm (approx) which allows 15mm for compaction.
• The layer of sand is then screeded, using galvanised steel rods placed in the sand at the correct levels, then using a length of timber the sand is drawn back.
• Now the laying surface has been created the blocks can now be laid in your chosen pattern (see driveway paving) starting in the bottom left hand corner.
• Once the area is laid the edges are marked and cut using the Makita disk cutter allowing room for a boarder to add that finishing touch to your driveway.
• Finally a special kiln dried sand is spread, covering the whole area, compacted 2 -3 times.
• Once compacted the excess sand is swept away leaving you with your finished driveway, patio or path.

Patio paving

Garden patios are a place of luxury, somewhere to relax or entertain through the summer months. We believe that with the right choice of paving and the correct planning your patio will provide a practical focal point as well as adding value to your property.

We are dedicated in helping you make your patio complete with an extensive range of brickwork, paths and edgings to enhance your outdoor living space


Due to changing weather conditions, excessive amounts of rainwater can be expected during the winter months of the year, with this in mind Woodland Paving are dedicated to providing solutions to deal with this problem.

We are able to plan and install excellent drainage systems throughout your premises, whether domestic or commercial.

Drainage can be split into 2 main areas

Surface draining: The removal and disposal of surface water from a pavement
Sub-surface drainage: The use of underground pipes to clear the flow and dispose of un-required water.

We install all types and sizes of drainage connections in PVC, clay and concrete above and below ground and our vast knowledge and experience of supplying and installing drainage solutions allows us to guarantee a flood free surface.

For advice or how to deal with any problems your property may be having in dealing with excessive amounts of water please contact us.

Drop kerbs

Woodland Paving are local authority approved contractors for drop kerb installation. We are one of the few contractors selected by local authorities.
If you are worried about current requirements and legislation surrounding drop kerbs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Local Authority Permission

Permission for a drop kerb from your local authority must be sought and granted before any works are carried out.
We provide assistance through this process for all our clients.